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Recent Projects...

Commercial Electrical Work

My  team is able to do a variety of commercial work. Here, we have installed a disconnect switch to control  electrical motors. We are able to...

Electrical Work

In the picture above, have installed a service electrical panel. This is just one of many different projects my team is able to accomplish. 

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Indoor Pot light and
fixture installation

Our specialty is installing Pot lights. We do so safely, with minimum damage and we guarantee that you will be left jaw dropped at the amazing effect of our installation.


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Chandeliers and
Wall Sconces

Are you living in a dark home? This may be irritable and uncomfortable. Do not worry because we can fix that! My team can assure that with our work, you will have great confidence in the lighting inside your any part of your house. 


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Exterior Lighting and
Outdoor Pot light

My team is able to embellish your home's view with the use of pot lights. We know where to put them and how to use them so your home will look better than ever!


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License No: 6016070

ECRA/ESA: 7012632

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We are not just able to do exceptional electrical work, but we treat our customers with respect and care. With years of experience in the electrical field, we know how to make you satisfied. No matter what we do, safety is a priority and we will put lots of effort into our working space.  We are proud to be a fully licensed and ensured electrical contractor. We will try our very best to finish your job in your wanted time limit and we always offer a reasonable price. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the finishing look! 



The company installed potlights for me in 2013 and I was incredibly happy with how my living room and basement looked after the installation. Photon Electrical Services works efficiently, with care towards their costumes and offers a reasonable price. I asked for their service again in 2016 because I was so satisfied the first time! They installed more potlights in the kitchen and my home looks very new with the effects of the lights. I'm looking forward to using their services again so that my home becomes more beautiful than ever!


-David March 2016 

I had four small issues around the house that had been dragging on that I finally wanted someone to fix. Ali came by and did a free quote, which was excellent, and was in to repair it within the next couple of days. (It would have been earlier, but my wife and I couldn't be home.)

He checked each problem, walked me through what he could and couldn't fix (one was related to a larger fan fixture, and we decided together that it was too small and issue to bother with), and he even checked and double checked an old problem that I was still worrying about but had gone away. Fixed 5 switches out for me.

All in all, it was polite and great service, a reasonable price, and included all the explanations I needed to feel safe and comfortable. Would recommend.

                                                 - Mike 2018

Ali did a great job installing potlights in our living room and kitchen. He helped us come up with an effective and good looking layout and also arranged for his colleague Paul to do the patching up and painting. The cost ended up being a bit higher than estimated but that goes to the high quality of Ali’s work, as he fixed a number of previous issues along the way. Ali and Paul did a really wonderful job and we are happy with the result. Ali followed up many times to ensure the quality of his potlights installation and Paul came by a number of times to make sure the ceiling painting and patch ups were done really well. Thanks guys.

                                                  - Eliot 2020

Our original oven/stove outlet in our condo was not installed in the correct place, and when we bought a new stove this posed a problem because we could not slide it into place up against the wall. Ali fit us in ASAP so we could get cooking again. It turned out to be a more challenging job than anticipated because the wall was solid concrete behind the drywall, but Ali was still able to resolve it for us and keep everything to code. He also installed a ceiling lamp for us. We would highly recommend Ali because he is responsive, explains everything so we are on the same page, is skilled, has an attention to detail, and prices his work fairly. He is also very friendly, so it was a pleasure to work with him.

                                      - Terra 2019

Ali was very professional! Provide lots of advice and helpful hints! Friendly and accommodating with scheduling! 
Would recommend him to others

                                            - Luisa 2019


I highly recommend Photon electrical services for any electrical project. Their service is professional and on time and affordable. Ali did an amazing job installing new potlights and new outlet for appliances in my kitchen and fixed some wiring issues. Ali is very knowledgeable with a very good troubleshooting skills. Great experience!

                                      - Damon 2018

Finally after a lifetime of searching, I have found a fantastic, knowledgable, expert electrical company. This is a family business with people who really care and follow up on their work. I had their electrician come to our rental property and check everything. He did an incredible job. Everything was itemized, photographically documented, repaired and checked to ensure it was up to code. I could not have been happier about my dealings with this company and have given their name numerous times since to others.

                                                 - Service Call, 2019

Ali was very helpful in solving electrical issues at my property, including installing a new electrical panel. He would explain the necessary to complete all the necessary work every step on the way, and was excellent at thinking outside of the box to diagnose and solve problems. 
He was willing to travel a few hours outside of Toronto to complete the work, and work long days to complete the work within a timeline and a competitive cost. 
I am glad I found Ali to do the work. Complex appearing problems became simplified and resolved effectively thanks to Ali’s experience as a master electrician.

Additionally I encounter a few non electrical problems and Ali was able to recommend a very competitive company who provided quick and efficient service.

Thanks Again Ali

                                                          - Andy 2019

I felt incredibly happy with Photon Electrical Services' work. They were my number 1 choice and they did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend their services because of their high-quality work, reasonable prices and priority for safety!


 -Susan November 2017













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